Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby Steps

A few months ago my family and I entered the world of blogging. After doing so, I quickly found many blogs about family life that inspired me to be a better stay-at-home mom. My wonderful husband is in the Navy and about a year ago we had to move to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Well, shortly after getting here, we got pregnant and decided that my work would be in the home. I have always known that I wanted to stay at home with my children if at all possible. As much as I love it, it was definitely hard to get a routine down. But many of the blogs that I have come across have helped inspire me to create a better routine and have also given me countless ideas and crafts to do when our baby, who is 9 months old, is a little older. Anyway, I wanted to create a blog about the wonderful things I have found as well as my thoughts and ideas to hopefully help someone else out there that might need a little inspiration of their own! Plus, I have so much fun with the family blog I keep up to update our friends and family, I thought another creative blog where I can share and get ideas from others would be a lot of fun, too!

Oh, I have mentioned my husband and daughter (two of the A's)... who is the third A and the C? Well, we have one crazy little cat that we just adore and her name is Ali. And I am the lone C in the house. I hope you enjoy this blog and maybe leave with a new idea or two as it progresses.

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