Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stepping Back A Little

I know it's been awhile since I've posted... sorry about that! Our trip to Disney was incredible! It was wonderful seeing my dad and having him meet Baby Girl. Indescribable, really. That trip was way too long in the making. It's hard to explain, but it made my life even more complete than it already is. It makes me feel better that my dad has finally met her. :)

I've been thinking about this blog for awhile now. For some reason I have not had much inspiration or desire for posting. I don't want to put up posts that I am not 100% into and that don't represent who I am. So I am going to hang up Book Fan Friday for now and probably not post as often as I used to. I am still going to post, but only when I am truly excited and inspired about something. Actually, we have another movie night coming up this weekend that I am excited about, so I know I'm going to want to share it with you! But I am wanting to concentrate on new activities, crafts, and recipes. Baby Girl is also able to do more and more different crafts and activities every day so that is exciting. With all this, I hope that soon I will have plenty of stuff to post that I am truly passionate about. Everyone needs a break every now and then to recharge, right? :) I appreciate your understanding and hope you'll be excited about the new stuff to come!!! ♥

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  1. My friend, I truly understand how you feel, we all start with a vision for our blogs and after a while you realize that the whole thing took on a life of it's own and it is not what you wanted. You have to blog about what makes you happy and what you enjoy - go for the change!