Monday, June 14, 2010

M-I-C.... K-E-Y...... M-O-U-S-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For awhile now we have been thinking and thinking and obsessing (well, maybe that last part was just me) to try and think of 100 things to do for the 100 days leading up to going to Disney World. The plan was putting the ideas on links and making a fun countdown calendar! Well, Sunday night we finally finished up and put everything together.

Monday we pulled off the first link.... 100 DAYS LEFT!! We had a special dinner to celebrate. I decorated our kitchen island thingy like I do with our movie nights.

The digital photo frame in the middle was going through pictures of Ashlyn with a bunch of characters.

For dinner we had Princess Pink Lemonade...

... Pirates of the Caribbean Grape Cannonballs...

... Mickey pizza (one regular and two personal)...

... and dessert was Rocky Road Brownies.

I was originally going to make sugar cookies and cut them out as ghosts to be Hitchhiking Ghosts. I had been meaning to make these brownies for awhile so Aaron suggested just making them and cutting them out. Well, the topping is way to sticky for that, so they are just the rocky road the hitchhiking ghosts have to travel on. :) Whatever it is, it was super yummy! I'll share the recipe soon... it is incredibly simple, too.


  1. Everything turned out really good! I love the Mickey pizza! And please tell me that you are going to post the recipe for those brownies! YUM!

  2. Love the Pizza, M is on a Mickey Mouse phase right now and she will love that pizza!