Monday, June 20, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday

I threw together a simple lunch for Ashlyn yesterday. She loves getting her meal in a muffin tin. :)

I made her a Mickey Mouse peanut butter and jelly sandwich, provolone cheese, and veggie chips. She ate almost all of it except the cheese. I think I never did muffin tin meals very consistently because I wanted to do these elaborate themes for Ashlyn but whenever I didn't have time to come up with one I just wouldn't do it. But I've realized recently (I made her a quick MTM last week but forgot to post it) that she gets excited just over a simple one like this! I still have fun making elaborate ones for her every now and then but I've gotten okay with the fact that I just can't do that all the time. I may not always post the simple ones on here (though I will sometimes) but I'm excited by the "new" idea that she'll have fun with even the simple tins. :)

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  1. We love those veggie chips! Well, me and Dawson do...Dave only likes the potato ones. And the spinach ones have a weird aftertaste to me, but as long as I don't eat a spinach chip last then I am good. haha