Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!

Halloween and Thanksgiving merged in our house today. I was gathering all the Halloween decorations from around the house to put away, but I also couldn't wait to put up some Fall/Thanksgiving decorations. I was inspired by some stuff I saw on Pinterest and came up with this.

I got the leaf and pumpkin doilies from the dollar store as well as the tall glass vase. I got the pinecones from around our neighborhood and the chipmunks are salt and pepper shakers that were my mom's. I put the doilies together with some double-sided tape I had just so they wouldn't have to be adjusted 1,246,973 times a day. That would totally get annoying.

It is simple, but I think I'm loving it. And for a grand total of $3 and just minutes to put together, it works for us! I would love to see pictures of your fall decorations. If you have a link to them, please leave it in the comments!


  1. That is so cute! I think I saw the same thing on Pinterest! I have all my Thanksgiving decorations out also if you would like to take a look. It is on www.sillybeansideaspace.blogspot.com