Wednesday, November 25, 2009

National Something Or Other Day

Hubby came home for lunch yesterday carrying a bunch of packages that came in. Some of Baby Girl's Christmas presents arrived (I MUST wrap those soon so we're not tempted to give them to her early!), some stuff I need to make Christmas cake pops, and stuff for my cookie exchange. I ordered my cookie exchange stuff from Oriental Trading. I love that site. I got most of Baby Girl's birthday stuff from them, too. Anyway, Oriental Trading put in a 2010 calendar filled with different days like "Cow Appreciation Day" and "National Tell A Joke Day." Some of them sounded so fun and seemed like great excuses (not that you need any) to do crafts and celebrate with Baby Girl. So throughout 2010 I'm going to try and celebrate a lot of these days and will share what we do on this blog. I think I'm actually going to start next month and I will let you know what day is coming up next after each "holiday" post I do in case you want to join in, too! The first one coming up is December 1st... National Pie Day!


  1. MMM! National Pie Day - I love pie as long as it's cherry or chocolate. That's not very diverse is it?

  2. I like Oriental Trading too! Very fun stuff at great prices! And I didn't know about National Pie day, but I love that too : ) Must remember to celebrate : )

  3. Fantastic idea! OMC I loved Oriental Trading when I was a kid. Still do, but when I was a kid the catalog was delivered on a regular basis and I would go through that thing like wildfire when it came in. I want to order one of those calendars, too! I don't have the cajones to say I'll be celebrating each holiday (I know the drill: I'll say I have the time but then when it comes down to it I'll feel like I'm dying in a sea of "Things to Do" and I'll never get to it) so instead I'll live vicariously through you and Baby Girl.

    P.S. -- did you know that we've already missed National Vanilla Cupcake Day (Nov. 10), National Chocolate Cupcake Day (Oct. 18), and National Boston Cream Pie Day (Oct. 23)?? Those were just a few of the days I'd "committed" myself to celebrating this past year... pfft... :-P

    P.P.S. -- I DID get off my hiney and do something, though! Or rather, I stayed on my hiney and did it on the computer but you get what I mean. I made a new blog!! It's really a continuation of Miss Dot's Cupcake Spot but it'll just be for more personal posts while MDCS will be for more cupcake-related posts :)

  4. Sounds like fun. :-) I'm going to be make Christmas cake pops, too, for our family Christmas party. Nothing fancy, just Christmas colored pops. :-D I'm excited to see yours!! I love cake pops!