Monday, November 16, 2009

Our Trip to the Vet

Today our sweet little Ali (our 4 year old cat), went to the vet to get a yearly vaccination shot.

(That picture was from just a few months ago... I can't believe how much longer Baby Girl's hair is already and how much older she looks! Oh well, I didn't have a really good picture of Ali that is more recent.... guess I have something to add to my to-do list!)

Last year when she went to get shots, I was pregnant and hubby was with me. This time hubby couldn't get off work so I was pushing Baby Girl in the stroller with one hand, carrying Ali in the carrier with the other, and a diaper bag slung over one shoulder. I was definitely a sight! haha

Now let me start off this story with a little background story. Ali and Baby Girl are best of friends. Like, seriously. Ali curls up by our feet almost every night, but while I was pregnant she curled up next to my growing belly each and every night and just purred. Sure, it was probably just because of the extra warmth, but I like to think it's because she already loved the new addition to our family I was growing inside. Now that Baby Girl is a little older and crawling around, chasing Ali, Ali will run away, but not too far to where Baby Girl can't get to her again! :)

Anyway, all that was to say that when we went back to the examination area at the vet, Baby Girl was fine and was smiling at the two veterinarians and just having a blast. Once they started messing with Ali, oh she was not happy! She would yell at the doctors any time they would poke at the cat (checking her ears, giving the shot, whatever). Once they stopped she was all smiles again. She was so protective and it was just the sweetest thing. No one messes with her kitty cat!!

What sweet family moments have come your way lately?


  1. I can't even take my daughter to anyone's (pet or human)appointments. When she was 1 1/2 she flipped out when I stepped on the scale in the doctor's office and was inconsolable for the rest of the trip. Now she's four and tells me she's "afraid they're going to hurt me."

  2. Oh how precious! I love the bonds between humans and pets. My hubby and I just recently had to find a new home for our two sweet brother-and-sister kitties as his new job takes us to an apartment with a strict no-pet policy (Believe me, we begged, we pleaded, maybe I even threw a tantrum or two...) Anywho, I'm glad Baby Girl and Ali are such good friends. It'll be so sweet to watch their friendship grow as they each get older! :)