Monday, April 19, 2010

Hollywood Cookies

So awhile ago I got an email that said the PTO was throwing a Hollywood Extravaganza party for the kids that go to the elementary school here. They were asking for volunteers to help out as well as people to donate baked goods. I perked up at that part! Of course I would bake something to take to the elementary school! I'm always looking for a reason to bake.

Now, I couldn't just make any old cookies. Oh no! I had to do something cute. So I bought a couple of those aluminum cookie sheets (that way they could toss them afterward without having to worry about returning my pans to me). These things were FLIMSY and even with two stacked on top of each other I had to be really careful so it wouldn't just tip over. I also borrowed some cookie cutters from a good friend of mine because, believe it or not, I have very few cookie cutters! EEK!!!! I only have a few mini ones and Halloween ones. How the heck that happened, I don't know. But I am starting to collect more. My first major purchase will be a kit with the basic stuff like numbers, letters, circles, holiday themed, etc.

Anyway, I took one of these tins and some blue and green construction paper. I trimmed everything to make it look like sky and hills. Then I cut out letters to spell out "Hollywood" and put the letters among the hills. That's right.... a template for the Hollywood Hills.

I then made sugar cookies and cut them out to spell "Hollywood" and made a bunch of stars. I frosted the letters with white frosting and tinted the rest yellow for the stars. I only frosted some of the stars because, well, I was lazy. But it ended up looking really good with every other star yellow. This just didn't look like enough cookies to take, and I happened to have an extra box of cake mix on my hands, so I made a quick batch of Cake Mix Cookies (I've seen this recipe on many websites, but this is the very first place I read about it). It was the first time I made these and they were pretty good! I had strawberry cake mix sitting around but I think it would be even better with chocolate. Yum!!! Anyway, here is what it looked like once everything was done.

I was pretty proud of my creation! I wish I could have stuck around to see how the kids liked them!!


  1. Buying cookie cutters is addicting. I bought a kit with the letters and numbers and stuff, I think it came with 101 cookie cutters. And then I bought an animal themed kit with 50 cookie cutters. I probably have between 15-20 mini ones and then about 20 other random ones. That's almost 200 cookie cutters! They come in handy for MTM and baking, of course.

    I LOVE the way your cookies turned out. You are so creative! I bet all the kids loved your cookies the most. :-D

  2. Love how this turned out! Looks stunning, I also have to get some cookie cutters, I only have a few butterfly and flower ones!