Friday, April 22, 2011

Changes on the Horizon and A New Obsession

I am in LOVE with Pinterest! I have wanted to make an inspiration board for a long time but just never got around to it. Now I can make them online and add to it while I find things that inspire me while I find them! I also really enjoy seeing what others have "pinned" and get inspiration from them, too.

We are in the market to buy our first home here in a few months (I'll take you along for our journey) and I am planning on (trying) to make it a wonderful, beautiful place for not a lot of money. Lots of DIY, sales, etc. I would love to share what I come up with with all of you, too! It's a scary change coming up in our lives right now (I'm sure I will share more later), but it is also very exciting. We are looking into getting a 3 bedroom house and that 3rd bedroom will be Ashlyn's playroom until she grows out of having one (then I'm not exactly sure what it will turn into at that point, but I'm not in a hurry for her to grow up so I'm not worried about it!). I am most excited about decorating this room! I have so many ideas and am looking forward to picking a house and really starting to plan everything out.

Anyway, I do love that Pinterest helps me organize some of these ideas all in one place and is easily rearranged, added to, whatever. I always thought when I did get around to doing an inspiration board (or two or five) that it would mostly be crafts and baking. But with us getting so close to buying a house, it is mostly house decorating ideas. lol Who knew? So much fun but VERY addicting!

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  1. I meant to comment on this the other day...I think I got distracted by kids or something. *lol* Anyway, it seems really cool, I need to check it out more!