Friday, April 1, 2011

Tangled Movie Night

**I've been trying to get this post up since Wednesday morning! Sorry for the delay, but for some reason it just would not let me upload pictures!**

So I'm guessing many of you know that Disney's Tangled was released yesterday! *happy Snoopy dance* I was so excited because I absolutely love this movie I knew Ashlyn would adore it. We saw it when it first came to the island, but we have an outdoor movie theater which means movies only at night. So Ashlyn fell asleep part way through. But anyway, we decided to have a movie night to celebrate the release!

For dinner we had angel hair pasta with Maximus's meatballs, braided breadsticks, and Rapunzel lettuce salad (a nod to the original fairytale).

We also had, though I didn't take a picture of, Pascal's key lime pie (hubby really wanted some key lime pie so it became Pascal's) and hubby and I had The Snuggly Duckling's ale (blackberry merlot - The Snuggly Duckling is the tavern they go to).

I put Ashlyn's hair up in a braid with flowers like when Rapunzel and Eugene (Flynn) went to the kingdom.

I really liked how our decorations came out. Simple, but cute.

On the bottom I had two paper lanterns (with battery-operated tea lights in them), Rapunzel, and Pascal.

On the top I put up a banner I put together (idea and template from Supermom Moments - her Tangled party was awesome!) and since Rapunzel loved to paint on the walls of her tower, I put up some of Ashlyn's artwork.

And of course no movie night would be complete without my friend Jamie's movie tickets! Always an awesome addition!

As for activities, we ran out of time and didn't get to do nearly all I wanted to. We did the coloring pages (Ashlyn kinda helped color Pascal, but was much more interested in coloring Rapunzel) and really that's about it. I wanted to let Ashlyn decorate the lanterns with stickers and stuff as well as go outside and play with sidewalk chalk, but it just didn't happen. I also really want to make this Rapunzel tower, but I just didn't have the supplies and the NEX doesn't carry them. So down the line when we do Tangled movie night again, that's high on the list of activities. :) There are also a lot of cool Tangled activities we may do to mix it up a bit on the Disney site (whether for a movie night or just for fun).

All in all this was a great movie night that we all enjoyed. Ashlyn just LOVES the movie (the Mickey and Minnie version of Rapunzel in her Disney storybook is her favorite) and I'm sure I'll we'll be watching it many, many more times! (I kid, though I am in love with this movie, so is Ashlyn! She wanted to watch it again immediately after it ended {and the day after, and the day after that...}. Aaron really enjoys it, too.)


  1. Everything turned out so well! Dinner looks yummy, Ashlyn's hair is adorable and I love all your decorations! Seeing all of this is making me excited for our movie night! I've got the 3D decorations that you used printed out but I have put them together yet and I am planning on making the tower (I printed out what I need for that too) but we'll see how tomorrow goes...

  2. OH! And if you ever want a blog makeover let me know, I could use the extra practice! haha

  3. Great food! How old are the little ones? I've been meaning to find an original party idea for my little girl's 5th birthday. Do you mind if I use some of yours?

  4. I am rolling on the floor laughing. Let me explain, I was directed here for this post. I LOVE it, I am a foster mom of 10. yes, 10. But before my 10 (which I plan to have this vary movie night for) My family was 3A's and me the C.
    I love your blog, I just followed you! You may visit me at Have a great week!