Friday, May 14, 2010

Monsters Inc. Movie Night

Well, whoops. It's been almost a week since our Monsters Inc. movie night and I completely forgot to post about it! In my defense, Ashlyn and I have both had colds and I am just now beginning to feel human again (I think of Beauty and the Beast every time I say that).

So anyway, like I said, we watched Monsters Inc. Before dinner and the movie, the three of us did a little craft. I bought three poster boards and we each painted a door. For Ashlyn's door I taped some paper in some strategic places so when I took it off you could tell that it was a door. Here is her creation (all the purple is her and the yellow is from us making the door details stand out).

Here is Aaron's (you can see where Ashlyn felt his door needed a little purple).

Here is mine.

I really didn't have anything for decorations besides some green plates, green forks, and blue spoons, but the doors acted as decorations. And you know what? I had the. cutest. decoration. EVER! Our very own life-sized Boo! ;)

For dinner we had Boo's Mini Meatloaves (a fabulous recipe I found in Kraft Food & Family magazine - we've only tried the Fiesta ones but all three of us really like it) and Mike's Mashed Potatoes. Quite awhile ago Aaron asked me to make homemade mashed potatoes and once I did, we've never gone back to boxed. They are so good!

To drink we had Sully Punch. We got some of the clear Kool-Aid and put some blue food coloring in it (I don't know if they make blue Kool-Aid but they sure don't sell it here) and had purple ice cubes (grape Kool-Aid). Sorry you can't really tell the colors in the picture, and you also can't tell, but the ice cubes are Mickey Mouse shaped!

For dessert we had Eye Scream Sundaes. It was just so much fun. I still don't know which movie we'll be doing next week, though! Eek! We're going to decide this weekend, though, so I can start planning everything. I really wanted to do The Lion King because Ashlyn just ADORES her stuffed baby Simba, but I can't seem to find someone here who owns it and neither the library nor the little video store thing has it. My dad is sending us a copy, though, so we'll do that soon.

I also wanted to let you all know that tomorrow is NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DAY!!!!! Heck yeah! I am totally making a batch tomorrow to celebrate. I was trying to decide whether to do something like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (I have something I want to make with the oatmeal container so I need to use it!), Congo Bars, or what. But you know, this time I just want to make good old fashioned regular chocolate chip cookies. You can't go wrong there! Unless you're out of milk... but with a 19 month old in the house, we stay pretty well stocked with milk. I am also making rice krispie treats on Sunday because I'm using some for Muffin Tin Monday, but I'm sure we can find some poor, unsuspecting person to burden with our extra cookies and rice krispie treats. ;)


  1. Such a great idea...What fun!! :-D

  2. I want to make some of those mini meatloaves now :)

  3. What a great idea. I am your newest follower!


  4. Awesome ideas! I just cannot believe how your Ashlyn has grown! I am so in the mood for some yummy choc chip cookies right now. wonder if I have all the ingredients...