Monday, May 17, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - Birds and Nests

I hope you are all nice and rested and ready for a new week! We didn't really do a whole lot this weekend, but it ended up being wonderful. A nice, relaxing weekend where we just spent time having fun together as a family. :) All three of us had colds during the week and were starting to feel so much better this weekend, so it was really nice. And what better way to start the new week than with...

Muffin Tin Mom


This week starts a spring mini-series and this week is all about birds and nests.

Ashlyn had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (that is supposed to be a bird... obviously I haven't bought cookie cutters yet), a rice krispie treat nest, and strawberries to act as little eggs (though I put the extra slices in their own cup). This is only the second time she's tried strawberries. She tried a couple of bites, but wasn't really digging them. She didn't hate them, though. I think she just needs to get used to the tartness of them so we'll be giving her bites every couple days or so.

Now, next week's theme is going to be a difficult one for me, but hopefully I'll think of something fun. We have finally decided that our next movie night is going to be Pocahontas, so I'll be in planning mode this week anyway.

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  1. Rice Crispies made an awesome nest.

  2. I really like your muffin tin, it's very cute!

  3. hey I got the same muffin silcone tin from avon and I am yet to make anything with it yet, but I will be....

  4. I totally think that looks like a bird! And I love the rice krispie nest, great idea! Cute new tin, too.

  5. So cute ... now I am craving rice krispy treats! And I love your tin, too!

  6. I'm with most o the other ladies.. LOVE teh rice crispy treat nest!! Hmm. I wonder it I have enough marshmellows? :o)

  7. Love your tin with the different springtime molds and rice krispie treats are delish, great job :)