Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Wonderful Cinco de Mayo Meal

Man, I wish I took pictures but alas, I did not. But I still wanted to share with you a quick, DELICIOUS meal that we had last night in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Which also gives me an excuse to give you the links to the great recipes.

Our dinner:
Beef Enchiladas
Spanish rice

Nothing crazy complicated, just simply good food.

Anyway, the beef enchilada recipe I got from The Pioneer Woman. She has amazing recipes, as many of you know. This is one that is in our regular rotation. Aaron requests it often (as well as her meatballs, but that's another post).

The spanish rice was, honestly, a box of Rice-A-Roni Spanish Rice. The only difference is that we chop up a beautiful, fresh tomato to put in instead of canned. I have nothing against canned tomatoes, but in this we can taste the tinny can flavor more than in other dishes.

My friend over at Momma's Playground shared the churro recipe that she found. I was a little nervous while making it, just because I had never made churros before. I always have some level of nervousness when making a new recipe. But holy cinnamon-y goodness, Batman, they were GOOD!!!! All three of us just loved them and I know I'll be making those again soon.

Ashlyn will be going down for her nap in about 30 minutes and then I am going to heat up some leftover enchiladas for lunch. Mmmm... now after writing this I may not be able to wait until she takes a nap! But if I make it now, she'll end up eating half of it. Decisions, decisions....

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  1. I made PW's enchiladas yesterday, too. I took them to Dave's ship since he had duty and unfortunately I don't have any leftovers. :( I have always made enchiladas. Like for years and years and years. I was hesitant to try PW's recipe because mine was good. But hers is GREAT! OMG! I'm definitely throwing my recipe away for hers. I'm making it again next week so I can take pics and post it in my blog. *lol* One thing I don't get about her recipe, though, and maybe you can help me understand...what is the point of the flour and canola oil (I actually used vegetable oil) in the sauce? I thought maybe it would make the sauce thicker, but when you have 42 oz of liquid, 2 tablespoons (the recipe on her site says 1 tablespoon, her cookbook says 2) of flour doesn't do much to it. And my flour just kind of clumped together, it didn't bubble up like hers. Once I added in the sauce and broth it loosened up, but still. :/