Sunday, January 13, 2013

BLUE?! Make It Pink!

I couldn't help making a Sleeping Beauty reference for the title of this post.  :)  I mentioned back in my water marble nail design post that hubby and I redid a small side table as my Christmas present so I had a reading/nail painting area in our bedroom.  I wanted to share our before and after pictures.

Hubby found this table somewhere (for free... yay!) and brought it home with this exact project in mind (I forgot to take before pics before we started sanding, but it didn't look too much different).

It was already a pretty color and I liked the distressed look, but it was going to go next to my awesome peacock blue chair that I fell in love at first sight with at World Market a couple of months back.

The picture doesn't do the color of this thing justice.  ♥
So the different blues just didn't look good together.  So I thought... what about bright pink?  I told hubs about my idea, but wasn't exactly serious about it because I didn't think he would like it.  And it was going to go in our bedroom, so it mattered to me a lot.  But he actually got behind the idea and thought it would look good.  Then I got the crazy idea to paint the insides of the drawers a different color and hubs said we should find a paint that matches the chair (we actually got spray paint that was perfect).  LOVE!  Here are the after shots.

I wish I took some during shots, but after lightly sanding everything, we just used some painter's tape and spray painted the inside of the drawers blue (Rust-oleum Gloss Protective Enamel in Gloss Night Tide).  Then we painted everything else that beautiful, fun pink (Glidden Brilliance Collection 2 in 1 Paint + Primer in Pre-Dawn Sky).  I want to say we did 3 coats of the Pre-Dawn Sky.

I also had this cute little shelf thing that someone gave me.  I didn't think to take a before shot, but it was white with some flowers and vines up the sides.  We spray painted it the Gloss Night Tide blue to match the chair and inside of the drawers. Now everything is together in my little getaway in our room.

I use it as a reading nook and to keep all my nail stuff tucked away (with my favorite and/or most used polishes on the shelves).

Isn't it just too fun?  I absolutely love it.  Thank you for the awesome Christmas present, sweetie!  And for my birthday coming up?  Well, I found out what his present is early... supplies and labor for another project involving a fairly large piece of furniture we already own.  I've just started prepping it so I will share pictures after it's all done!  What projects have you tackled lately?

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