Thursday, May 5, 2011

Muffin Tin Meal - Mmmmmm

Well, I was slacking and didn't make Ashlyn a muffin tin meal this past Sunday, but I made her one on Wednesday. Each week I teach Ashlyn a new letter (she recognizes all the letters but I'm also teaching her the sounds they make as well as numbers, shapes, etc. She LOVES school!) and this week is the letter M. So I decided to make her a letter M muffin tin meal!

She had Macaroni and cheese, corn dog Muffin (recipe from Once A Month Mom - I add corn to our corn muffins), and M&M's all in Muffin liners on a Minnie Mouse plate. The M&M's were from a color sorting/counting activity I did with Ashlyn and I told her that she could have some of them for a snack so it inspired me to do this. The rest of the meal just happened to be leftovers from the night before so it was really easy and she loved it!

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  1. Marvelous! Did she have milk to drink too? ;)

  2. I love the muffin corn dog! It's so funny that we rarely see muffins in the muffin tin meals.