Monday, November 15, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - No Theme

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

It's Muffin Tin Monday again! This week's theme is the Food Pyramid/Nutrition, and I had a slight idea of what I wanted to do, but I kinda went my own direction this week. I didn't really follow a theme at all. I just put Ashlyn's food in a cute, buggy tin.

Ashlyn had (starting from the top and going clockwise around the tin) broccoli, ranch dressing to dip, half of a turkey and provolone sandwich on sourdough, strawberries, the other half of the turkey and provolone sandwich.

Ashlyn didn't eat much, but she seemed to enjoy it. She has tried strawberries before and didn't like them, so we tried again. Hubby put a tiny sprinkling of sugar on them to help with any tartness, so I'm not sure if she liked them because of that or she has just developed a taste for them now. I'll break some more out for snack today or tomorrow and see how she likes them. :)

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  1. I love the tin. The meal looks like it fits the pyramid.

  2. fruits, veggies, meat, grain, dairy, even a bit of oil in the dressing - not too shabby! great tin!

  3. i love that tin too! where do people find all these cute muffin tins!

  4. This is a very well rounded meal, so you did follow the theme without even meaning to!

  5. Doesn't... like... strawberries? Crazy! I had my pediatrician telling me at our 12 month check-up to avoid strawberries until she was 2, and I told him it was too late! She LOVES them! (Her then-2-year-old cousin snuck her some when they were both in the back seat one time, at around 9 months.)

  6. What a fun tin you used for your meal today. I really must get some fun muffin tins besides my old aluminum ones.