Monday, November 8, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - Tea Party

It's that time again!

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup  Overfloweth

This week there was no theme for MTM. I knew for awhile that the next no theme week I wanted to do a tea party. Well, I felt a little uninspired by the time I got around to doing it (yet again I wasn't able to do it on Sunday like we like to do, so she had lunch in a muffin tin today) so I did just a quick little meal.

Ashlyn had apple hearts, tea pot turkey and cheese sandwich, and Babybel cheese with a flower cut out. She really enjoyed it and even nibbled on the Babybel cheese! She hasn't really liked it before (maybe she ate some of it in her pumpkin tin, but not much), but I figured I might as well try it out since she's starting to really like cheese now. She used to not like any cheese at all. Weird kid, I know. :)

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  1. Tea party theme...I love it! :o)

  2. The tea pot sandwich is so cute. Turkey sandwiches go over big at my house.

  3. Love the tea pot sandwich. I need to give Babybel cheese a try. I think my kids would love it!

  4. A tea party theme is perfect for MTM! Love the tea pot sandwich!

    We really like Babybel around our house... yummy!