Monday, November 1, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - Trees, Leaves, and Harvest

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

This week's Muffin Tin Monday theme is Trees, Leaves, and Harvest! We usually do our Muffin Tin Meal on Sundays, but I didn't want to do a fall tin on Halloween. Even though the base did trick-or-treating on Saturday night, I wasn't ready to be done with Halloween yet! So today Ashlyn had a muffin tin snack.

top row: apple tree (broccoli with red M&M's and ranch for dipping... I got the idea from a MTM post awhile back by Muffin Tin Mom), apple slices, Reeses Pieces (fall colors)

bottom row: cucumber flowers, grape tomatoes, apple slices

Ashlyn tried everything. The broccoli and cucumbers were new for Ashlyn. The tomatoes were reintroduced because she didn't like them a long time ago. Well, she didn't like the tomatoes. Oh well. Worth a shot! She really enjoyed the cucumbers and you know what her favorite part of the tin was? The broccoli!!!! Yeah, I KNOW! I was shocked, too. Well, okay, the Reeses Pieces were probably her favorite, but she really did just LOVE the broccoli. :)

Head on over to Muffin Tin Mom to see what others did this week!


  1. The broccoli tree is so cute. JDaniel would have inhaled the M&M's.

  2. Looks like a very yummy snack. Love the apple tree!

  3. Very cute tin and I love your new banner! I need to start working on new layouts for my's not like I have anything better to do right now! :P

    I am jealous that Ashlyn is willing to try (and likes!) new foods. Dawson is still extremely picky and will only eat a handful of things and almost always against trying anything new. :(