Thursday, October 29, 2009

Getting in the Halloween "Spirit"! (Get it? Spirit? *ahem* Moving On...)

I'm finally starting to feel like Halloween is near! We were so busy this month with our trip back to the states and all that we didn't do much to get ready. But just in the past couple of days we did some decorating and some baking. Monday I baked some sugar cookies, cut them out into spooky shapes, dusted them with purple sprinkles, and used some chocolate chips (regular for the pumpkins and ghosts and mini chips for the cats and bats). They were really good and hubby took some to work. I hear they all liked them, too.

I am also going to be baking another Halloween treat tomorrow, so stay tuned for pictures of that. :)

While we were in the states I got some spiced pecan and pumpkin pancake mix from Williams Sonoma and was so excited to try it out. I made them this morning and they were really super good. Baby Girl liked them, too. I would have saved them for Halloween morning, but hubby works the mornings all weekend, so this morning had to do. I wasn't too sad that I didn't have to wait a few more days. :) Next time you wander by a Williams Sonoma I really recommend grabbing a can of this mix. We got similar pumpkin bread mix, too, but we're going to save that for Thanksgiving. I could spend a fortune in that store, but anyway...

We bought four pumpkins for Halloween this year. Two stayed just pumpkins and two were transformed!

I saw this next idea over at Living Locurto. She has awesome ideas so definitely check out the rest of her site, too. I turned a small pumpkin into a vampire bat!

I traced some wings onto cardboard and black construction paper, glued them together, and glued that onto the back of my pumpkin. Some googly eyes (my craft item of choice at the moment) and a black Sharpie mouth later and voila! A cute little vampire bat.

We carved our first jack-o-lantern as a couple this year! Only took us 4 years. :) We found a stencil book that gives you two stencils per pumpkin. The back carving casts a shadow onto the wall and it just looks really cool. We chose the rats with a cat shadow. I am so excited about it.

I will be taking pictures of the front of our house on Halloween night and will definitely share those, too!

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  1. The cookies and the pumpkins turned out great! I looooove the ghost cookie cutter, I need to check and see if I've got it! If I don't I need to buy one ASAP!

    I did some Halloween baking tonight, but I'll probably save that post for Saturday since tomorrow is Book Fan Friday! I'm really excited about it this week (well, I always am, but this week is super special!)