Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Ramblings

When you first become a mom, those who have already had kids tell you to enjoy these moments now because they'll just grow up way too quickly and before you know it, they'll be running around and talking back. :) I've always heard people tell other people that (and then me when I got pregnant) but for some reason it doesn't really hit you until your precious baby starts hitting their milestones.

Baby Girl was born with (very mild) hip displasia so she had to wear a brace for the first few months of her life and then for a few months after that she had to wear a nightly brace. I think all this caused her to get used to just staying on her back and she didn't really roll over ever. She could, she just was content on her back. Many times I would worry and just wish she would start rolling over because, well, isn't that what babies are supposed to do? I even brought it up to the pediatrician and he assured me that since she is crawling, cruising, walking while holding onto our hands, she is doing just fine. She just doesn't really care about rolling over. Okay, well, that made me feel better.

While we were in the states, we let Baby Girl crawl around on the hotel bed, but wouldn't put her down on the floor (let her crawl around on a NavyLodge hotel floor? No thank you!). We let her crawl around at the Disney hotel room because, well, I'm sure it's cleaner and we couldn't just not let her roam around for a whole week. Gross, I know, but oh well. Moving on....

She would roll over all the time on the beds because there was more give and she could grab the blankets and pull herself over. Well, I guess that helped her really realize that rolling over gets her what she wants quicker than waiting for us. That's all well and good, and I know I wanted that, but now she rolls over and pulls herself up in her crib all the time even when she's super tired. I know most kids do this way before they are 1, but like I said I think she was just so used to being stuck in her brace on her back for at least half of her life she was just fine staying that way. I was excited for her until she started doing it at bedtime and not going to sleep. And then waking up at 5am, still sleepy, but can't fall back asleep because she has pulled herself up.

But you know what? I may not like waking up to a little girl who is so cranky because she wants to sleep but thinks rolling over and standing up is the coolest thing ever, but walking into her room and seeing her standing there as she raises her arms up for mama to pick her up is just the sweetest thing ever. It warms my heart and you bet I am going to cherish these moments and enjoy every minute.

What sweet family moment has come your way recently?

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