Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Hair-Brained Idea

Well, here I go again... I got pretty good with putting pigtails in Baby Girl's hair. I've gotten them to be pretty even and super cute.

She likes to comb her own hair.

I had to catch her off guard for this pic. She doesn't really like to sit still anymore now that she's picking up on this walking business. But look at those big eyes and pouty mouth... can we say "heartbreaker?"

So yesterday I decided to try something different. So I tried doing something like a ponytail. It ended up being more of a half up/half down sort of thing, but whatever.

Her hair is a little short for this yet, but at least it kept her hair out of her face! I eventually just took the second ponytail out. It didn't really do anything for her so I'll try that again when her hair's a little longer.


  1. I love all these little hair things you're doing! I wonder if she'll ever appreciate all your hard work ;) She's such a good little hair model, too!

  2. My daughter's hair is now log enough to actually do seomthing with but I have zero talent in that area and Lola has no patience for it. Slowly but surely she is developing dreads...

    Thanks for stopping by Northwoods Adventures! Hanneke

  3. I wonder if she'll ever appreciate all your hard work

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