Monday, January 18, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - No Theme

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

Wow, is it Monday again already? It's just crazy around here. I know I didn't do MTM last week... I had so much to do that I just had to put it on the back burner until this week. It being a no theme week helped a little, too! We kept it simple. Baby Girl is quite fond of chicken noodle soup and Goldfish crackers, so that's what she had! We get her the Disney princess shaped chicken noodle soup.... surprise, surprise! lol I like to think that she likes the shapes, but we all know (at least until she is a little older) that it's me who likes the shapes. :) Oh, she had to have some chocolate milk, too, to wash it all down!

I think she enjoyed it. :) (Please don't mind her hair... it was my first time trying a kind of ponytail thing and her hair is still a bit short for it. lol I'll post about that later, though.)

Hmmm, I'm really wanting some new muffin tin stuff. I might just have to go do a little shopping online today!

To see what others came up with this week, head over to Muffin Tin Mom (also check out the awesome new look to her blog!).


  1. I bought Dawson some SpongeBob shaped chicken noodle, he hasn't eaten it yet.

    I think her hair looks really cute like that. And where did you find that spoon?! I want to buy some for Dawson. I don't think I have seen them anywhere before.

  2. She looks like she really enjoyed her meal.

  3. I love all this new playing-around-with-Baby Girl's-hair stuff. Can't wait to see the post on this one!

    As for Disney princess chicken noodle soup, all I have to say is WHAT?? I didn't know they made that! Geez, what else am I missing out on??

  4. My daughter likes the Princess soup and my son likes the Cars so we take turns making them.

  5. sweet. also. i think i may be addicted to *wanting* to buy new muffin tins/pans. and i don't even bake!

  6. I love no theme weeks sometimes too, and they always seem to fall on the Mondays I need them :)!

  7. She looks so cute with her hair like that! Glad to hear she is eating better.