Friday, January 15, 2010

Book Fan Friday

Three A's and a C

Goooood morning! Well, technically, good evening since I'm writing this on Thursday night, but whatever. It's time for Book Fan Friday, once again! Yay! Hooray!!! Okay, I need to lay off the birthday cookies... too much sugar. (I'm turning 25 today! Okay, well, honestly I'm turning 27 but my friend over at Saving the World One Cupcake at a Time and I have decided I am turning 25.) Oh, and they are banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, by the way. Yummy! Anyway, this week's book is The Shy Little Kitten by Cathleen Schurr.

Wanna know how I picked this book this week? Well, it was about 9pm here and I realized I didn't have a book out for the post. AND all of Baby Girl's books are in her room. AND she was already sleeping. SO I had to sneak in and grab the first book that was on top. I love going in and checking on her before I go to bed anyway, though. She is just so beautiful and peaceful when she's sleeping. *sigh* ♥

Anyway, this book really is a classic and Baby Girl LOVES cats so this is a great book for her. She gets excited when I get this book out and points to the cats and says "Cat!" Again, *sigh* ♥

Totally random thought of the day: Anyone else have "You're lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground!" stuck in your head? *ahem* Moving on...

If you have found a great book, children's or otherwise, I would love to see what it is and what you thought about it! I will leave the link-up open all week so feel free to join in at any time.



    The Hubbs and I saw American Idol last night and laughed and then this morning when he was in the car he gave me a call and was like, "Hey, they're already making mixes of this thing!"

    We've been singing it on and off again all day. Haha.

    P.S. -- Hubbs says he likes your book choice.

  2. First of all Happy Birthday! Dawson and I didn't have storytime this week. :-( We did read a few of his board books that are in the living room with his toys. He made me read The Foot Book 3 times in a row yesterday! He wanted me to read it a 4th time, but I put it away and made him choose another one. He wasn't happy with me for a minute or two but once I started reading the other book he was happy again. The board book of The Foot Book is different than the other book that we have and it totally bugs me! Probably because I seriously had the book memorized so it messes me up when I try to read the board book. It's similar but different. Haha

  3. Fist of all - I hope that you will have a blessed birthday! Happy Birthday! May this new year bring loads of joy and happiness! Thank you for all your support, love and care during this difficult time in my life. You truly are a blessing, may you be blessed in abundance!!

    Love the cute little book, will see if I can find it for M!

  4. Stopping by from your blog design! Beautiful! Happy birthday!