Friday, February 5, 2010

Book Fan Friday... With A Little Extra Story Thrown In

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it or not, but we're planning a trip in March to go to Disney World.... ooohhhh, actually I just looked back a few posts and I mentioned our trip in October. Well, first of all, for a few reasons that changed from late October to late September. AND I have some super exciting news. We're going this March as well! Hold on, don't get too excited yet. That's not the best part. I'm going to be meeting MY DAD there!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, a bit of background might be needed here. The last time I went to go see my dad was shortly after my mom passed away (she was only 56 - cancer sucks) and I was 7 months pregnant. That means I haven't seen him in 1 1/2 years AND he's never met his one and only granddaughter. Which means he finally gets to meet her!!!! I am beyond excited, let me tell you. And I feel very happy that I get to take him to WDW because, well, I get my Disney obsession from him and he's always lived in Cali so he's gone to Disneyland in Anaheim hundreds of times but he's never had a chance to go to WDW. So I think that it will be incredible for him to see it for the first time and to see it through Baby Girl's eyes. Please excuse me if I'm rambling. I just wanted to share my joy with you.

Actually, I decided to share this story today (as opposed to, say, this weekend) because it actually kinda has something to do with Book Fan Friday this week. Well, we already know that Baby Girl's 2nd birthday is going to have a Disney princess theme (Hubby's the one that suggested it! ♥) and she has had her picture taken with all but 4 of the princesses. I thought it would be cool to do something with those pictures to use as decoration or a game for her party (I have some ideas I'm playing with, but that's a different post). Anyway, I figured she still needs her picture taken with Princess Tiana (LOVE The Princess and the Frog), Pocahontas, Mulan, and... Princess Jasmine. Which brings me to....
Three A's and a C

Since I was thinking about this today I decided to showcase one of the books in the Enchanted Moments series, Aladdin.

I love this story. Fabulous movie and music, too, I might add.

If you have found a great book, children's or otherwise, I would love to see what it is and what you thought about it! I will leave the link-up open all week so feel free to join in at any time.


  1. I'm 38 and I've never been to Disney. Sad, huh? My ex-husband took or kids, so I'm glad they have been able to go.

  2. I am so excited for your trip and even more excited for your dad to meet Ashlyn! I can't even imagine how you feel if I am this excited and it doesn't even have anything to do with me. *lol* I am happy for you guys.

    I love, love, love Aladdin. Right next to Beauty and the Beast, I think it's one of my favorite Disney movies.

  3. Need to get my ducks in a row and link up again!

    I have an award for you at my blog:

    btw LOVE the layout!

  4. How exciting about your trip! That will be so magical to see your Dad and daughter meet at such a whimsical place!

    Try The Frog Prince Continued. It's a fairy tale, but a funny one. :)