Friday, August 7, 2009

Book Fan Friday

Good afternoon everyone! Baby Girl decided to take a late nap (well, later than usual) this morning so we didn't go to storytime, but that's okay because I took a nap along with her and have felt FABULOUS today. I haven't been getting enough sleep lately so it was wonderful. Anyway, we went a little later and I knew exactly what book I wanted to get to read to her. While looking for other books I have always seen the book Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel.

You see that cat on the cover? Well, turn that blue spot on her chest to white and you have our kitty, Ali. Plus, just with the title, it was a perfect pick. On any given day in our household, you may hear the following conversation:

Me: Honey, is there any reason the salsa (mustard, spices, whatever) is still out?
Darling Husband: Oh, that silly baby must have left it out.
Me: The baby is upstairs sleeping.
DH: Um.... bad kitty?

He always makes me laugh. That's one reason I adore him. So this book is way too cute. It is about a kitty who doesn't get her food on time and decides to be a bad kitty. It goes through the alphabet four times in the book and has great illustrations. Baby Girl loved pointing at the pictures and telling her own little story (which, at 10 months, is "baba dada ba pa da da" but is the best story I have ever heard :) ) and I found it really funny. I really do recommend this book.

I also won my first giveaway the other day! How exciting! Thanks to From Pigpen to Paradise and PurpleTrail, I won a year-long basic subscription to PurpleTrail! PurpleTrail is a site that helps you organize your parties, has invitations, printable party games, and more. I can't wait to check it out further!

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  1. We borrowed that one a few weeks ago! Maddie thought it was great, and if I remember correctly there is one about a puppy too!