Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Picture Surprise

It's Saturday again! It's been a crazy busy weekend for us so far, but lots of fun. My husband is off this weekend so we've been running errands and just having fun as a family. :) This week's random picture is from November 2006, picture #59. This is when I married the love of my life and picture #59 happened to be of our wedding cake. We had a small, intimate wedding so we didn't need a huge cake or anything. It was very pretty and very tasty.

See what others were taking pictures of in November 2006 over at From Pigpen To Paradise!


  1. That's a beautiful cake. I'm getting married next year and looking to have a small nice cake too.

  2. It's so pretty. Perfect for a cozy wedding. I bet it taste good. All cake taste good to me.