Friday, August 28, 2009

Book Fan Friday

Today there was a scheduled power outage for our neck of the base, so we went to the library to hang out in the air conditioning. The power came back on not too long ago so now is the first chance I got to post! We got No Hugs Till Saturday by Julie Downing.

It's an adorable story about Felix, a dragon, who gets upset with his mama and says he is not going to give her any hugs for a whole week! That doesn't last too long! The story is cute, but my favorite part is all the details put into the illustrations. For example, in one scene the mother is vacuuming with an anteater and the last picture is Felix putting a "No Hugs" sign on the baby's crib. Those are just a couple of the little details that make it special.


  1. Just the cover alone is cute! I bet that is a fun book...we're always looking for good books to read! I'll have to write this one down.

  2. Looks cute. My two year olds and I are at the library at least weekly so I will have to check this one out. THanks for the rec.