Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Picture Surprise

This morning, Angie over at From Pigpen to Paradise started Saturday Picture Surprise and I thought it is such a fun idea! Each week she will pick a random picture for you to find in your picture files and you post it on your blog. Here is her explanation of what Saturday Picture Surprise is.

For the first week, the random picture is from May 2009, picture #7.

My beautiful Baby Girl and me. Not the best picture of me, but that's okay. :) This is one of the first pictures my husband took with our brand-new digital camera that we bought just minutes before. It was on Mother's Day. Go over to From Pigpen To Paradise to see what others were taking pictures of in May 2009!


  1. That is so precious. Your baby girl is such a cutie.

  2. What a fun idea. I didn't start organizing my pictures by date until Dawson was born. I have random folders like "Beach Trip" & "Zoo"...stuff like dates. Except October '08 until now, all the pictures taken since then are in a folder titled with the month and year that they were taken.

    I just looked in my May folder and the 7th picture is Dave playing the Wii. His birthday is May 2nd and I got him a Wii Fit, I'm assuming that's why I took that picture. *lol*