Friday, July 3, 2009

Book Fan Friday

The library has different hours today in honor of Independence Day, so there was no storytime. So we picked out one of our favorite stories from Baby Girl's own little library. We read different books every day, but this week our main story will be from Little Golden Book Inspirational Favorites. There are three stories in this one book, but we are focusing on A Blessing From Above by Patti Henderson.

It is an adorable story about a kangaroo with an empty pouch who wishes she had a baby of her own. The story really leaves you with that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. My husband says you'd feel especially warm and fuzzy reading it inside the kangaroo pouch. :) (He can be such a jokester!) Since he was off today, he took the chance to read to her.

It is now definitely one of my favorite children's stories. At the end of the story I love to tell Baby Girl how she is a blessing and I thank God for her every day.

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