Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Monday is my hubby's birthday and I wanted to bake something special for him during his birthday weekend. He had seen me looking at ice cream cone cupcakes from Betty Crocker and said "Why wasn't I aware of these before?" We were both excited to try them out.

All you need is:
^any flavor cake mix (we picked Devil's Food) and the ingredients listed to make said cake
^flat-bottom ice cream cones
^any decorations you want (we used sprinkles but I was going to put maraschino cherries on top as well... too bad I forgot them when I went to the store!)

I saw these cupcakes on other sites as well and found two different ways to make these. Betty Crocker says to put cupcake liners in a muffin tin, fill them up 2/3 of the way, place the cone on top and bake. Other sites say to fill the cone itself halfway with the mix and bake them that way. Our first dozen that we made (makes about 2 dozen) we did 6 one way and 6 the other. We found that putting the cupcakes on top of the cake mix worked much better for us. Baking them for 17 minutes ended up being perfect.

After they are baked, let them cool completely. Then carefully take the liner off and frost. I put the frosting in a ziploc bag and snipped a corner off to make it easier to make it look like soft-serve ice cream. Then came the sprinkles! I was pretty happy with how they came out for my first try. Can't wait for a reason to try them out again!

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