Friday, July 31, 2009

Book Fan Friday

This week before storytime I had a better chance to take a look for books that others have recommended to me. Unfortunately, our library only carries one of them and it was checked out. :( Oh well, I guess. Not many kids made it this week. My husband was off today, though, and came with us so that was fun. Each kid was able to pick out their favorite song to sing before the story. We picked Bingo because we know Baby Girl loves that song. She claps along and smiles every time we sing it at home. She got so excited that everyone was singing it! It was very cute. Anyway, my husband picked out the book for Baby Girl. He picked out Mama's Kiss by Jane Yolen.

The story is kinda silly, but in a very good way! It follows a mother's kiss that was blown to her child but missed, along its adventure outside, and back again. It is a fun little story and Baby Girl especially enjoyed the bears!

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