Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cake Pops

As soon as I saw cake pops on Bakerella I knew I had to try them! They are just too cute to not try. So I ordered some supplies and in walks my husband from work yesterday with some boxes in his hands... the supplies came in! Yay! So you know I had to make them right away today. After heading off to the NEX to grab some cake mix, that is. Anyway, I knew one of two things would come from this experiment. These were either going to turn out as 1) an extremely cute, tasty treat or 2) an extremely messy-looking, but tasty, treat. Either way, I'm good.

On Bakerella there are SO many cute cake pops, let alone all the other cool stuff she makes. This woman is truly creative and immensely talented. But I decided to try out the smiley face cake pops for my first try, with the thought of making cat cake pops as favors for Baby Girl's birthday party if this batch is successful! A tad bit ambitious? Possibly. We'll see how the smiley faces turn out. The cake couldn't bake and cool quick enough!

After the cake cooled, and after some crumbling, mixing, and rolling, the pops were ready to be put in the freezer to firm up.
(Ack! More waiting? haha Good thing I've been getting better at that. I'm horrible with waiting to give people their presents and, to me, baking always feels like making little presents. But my husband isn't great with that, either. We have to get better at that because we can't give Baby Girl her birthday and Christmas presents early... at least not when she's old enough to realize what birthdays and Christmas are. And I only add that last part because hubby and I *ahem* already gave Baby Girl one of her birthday presents. *ahem* Oops. Anyway, back to the cake pops!)
So I am looking forward to seeing how the dipping turns out! They have been so much fun to make so far.

After they were all nice and firm, I melted the candy melts and got to dipping! I admit I was more than a little worried when I dived right in and my first one promptly fell off the stick and I had to fish it out. I wasn't expecting professional results by any means, but geez!

Oh well, I didn't let that bring me down. I tried again and got it right the second time. As I was getting to the end, though, they started to pop off the stick again. So I stuck them in the freezer again to see if that would help. Things with frosting do tend to melt in this house. Many a frustrating night has been spent trying to beautifully frost a cake only to have it become one big mess that looks like a can of frosting exploded over our entire kitchen. Okay, so it doesn't end up looking that bad, but it sure feels like that sometimes.

I was so excited when they all dried and I could put the smiley faces on them! I am pretty proud of how my first batch of cake pops turned out! I think they are super cute and my husband loves them, too. Oh, and they are YUMMY!

Too cute!

My mom is no longer here with us in the physical sense, but I know she would have thought these were the cutest things and her favorite color was always yellow. So this one's for you, Mom.

I would TOTALLY suggest making these. These weren't too hard to make at all and were really fun. I am definitely going to try and make kitty cat pops for Baby Girl's birthday, but I'm expecting those to be a bit more of a challenge because you use chocolate (or white chocolate, caramel, whatever) chips for the ears. Hopefully I can get them to stay on and get them covered with candy melts! :)

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  1. I wanna make some cake pops some my mind I imagine them turning out perfectly {yeah right}!