Friday, December 4, 2009

Book Fan Friday

Three A's and a C

Happy Friday! This week, the Christmas books continue! A couple of weeks ago the NEX stocked up on some Christmas books so I grabbed up a couple. I was definitely tempted to get all of them, but managed to keep it to a minimum. :) One I thought was really cool was Animal Family Christmas by Wendy Wax.

It goes through the numbers 1-10 telling what animals put up what kind of decorations on their tree (cows put up corn, dogs put up bones, cats put up balls of yarn, etc.). Baby Girl loves animals so she really enjoyed it. Plus... it lights up! When you press the corner of the book all the little lights on the tree light up (of course 1 light shows up on the first page, 2 on the second, etc.). Every night when it starts to get a little dark outside, Baby Girl knows the drill and crawls over to the Christmas tree and points to it. Then she'll sit and just stare at the tree for a few minutes. She loves it and really got a kick out of seeing the tree in the book light up!

Just like every week, if you have found a great book, children's or otherwise, I would love to see what it is and what you thought about it! I will leave the link-up open all week so feel free to join in at any time.


  1. That looks like a cute book! I might have to pick that up for my little man.

    ...stopping by from SITS...

    Steph @ Stick It in the Fridge

  2. That looks like a cute book! We have a Rudolf book that lights up, too. Dawson likes me to push the button over and over again so he can see the light, he doesn't let me read the book. *lol*