Friday, December 18, 2009

Holly Bloggy Christmas Bash - Christmas Memories and Traditions


Man, I love Christmas time. For so many reasons I can't even begin to list them all. I love tradition and the story behind things/activities so I try to keep a lot of my family and Hubby's family's traditions, combine a couple to incorporate both, as well as create our own.

There is one thing that I loved as a kid and Hubby and I now do it for Baby Girl. My parents would buy me a new ornament every year so that when I grew up and moved out, I would have some ornaments to put on my very first tree. (I remember it would take forever to decorate the Christmas tree each year because my mom loved to take her time and talk about the story behind each ornament. And not just mine, but ALL of them. :) ) My parents would wrap the ornament and the tag would say "To: Christina From: The Christmas Tree" and they would set up the tree (we almost always had an artificial tree) while I was at school and would put the wrapped ornament underneath. Then it would be the very first ornament we put on the tree that year. We do this for Baby Girl now. Oh, another thing my mom always did was write my name and the year on the bottom of each ornament. Of course I have to do that, too. :) I love this tradition and it always brings back such wonderful memories. I really hope it's something Baby Girl cherishes as well and continues with the kids she may have one day.

Well, thank you to Tidy Mom for hosting the Bash today. I'm about to head over (with caution, mind you) to read the memories and traditions others are holding dear in their hearts today. I say with caution because there's bound to be a tear or two shed!


  1. I think that is a great tradition. I wish my parents would have done that with me. We started that with Dawson last year and we are definitely looking forward to doing it every year.

  2. My mom gives the grandkids an ornament each year - and last year when my oldest moved out- she took all of her ornaments with her for her first tree! She was so excited about that!
    Putting their name and year on the ornament is a great idea -I only did that a few years, so there were a few arguments with her sister as to which ornaments were HERS! LOL

    Thanks for linking up!
    Merry Christmas!