Wednesday, December 9, 2009

National Christmas Card Day

Welcome! Today is NATIONAL CHRISTMAS CARD DAY! I needed something like this to get me off my butt and make sure I get my cards out on time. So what's on the agenda for today? Well, I need to go print off our Christmas pictures, buy some stamps, and put everything together to send out. I already have our cards printed out and the envelopes are addressed, so I don't have to worry about that. I'll reveal our Christmas card and photo on Christmas Day, but some of my family reads this so I don't want to ruin the surprise. :) For now, though, here's a cute Christmas picture for you!

Ready for the next holiday? Sunday, December 13th is... NATIONAL COCOA DAY!!! How fun! I really don't have a plan on what I'll be doing for it, but I'll figure something out. If you've celebrated National Christmas Card Day or plan on celebrating National Cocoa Day, I would love it if you left a comment. Have a wonderful day, everyone, and get those Christmas cards out! :)


  1. Oh I didn't celebrate either of those days but can I still leave you a comment about how adorable your daughter is?? Awwwwwww Baby Girl :)

  2. What a cute picture :)
    Looking forward to seeing your pictures of today's card day :)

    Hope you have great fun this festive season.


  3. My cards *should* be sent out tomorrow. A day after the official Christmas Card Day...not too bad! :-)

  4. We love some cocoa in this house, will have to put the 13th on the calander. Your daughter is just precious. Merry SITSmas!