Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cookie Exchange

I can't believe it is Christmas Eve already! I am so excited. Baby Girl was 3 months old last Christmas so she didn't really know what was going on. She doesn't know what Christmas means or anything yet, either, but she knows she loves all the lights and she'll be able to open her presents herself and all that fun stuff. I can't wait for her and hubby to open their presents tonight after dinner, hot chocolate, and a reading of The Night Before Christmas. *sigh* I love Christmas!

Today I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of the cookie exchange I hosted this past Saturday. Well, technically the pictures are just of the goodies because I forgot our camera in the diaper bag that hubby kept with him since he watched Baby Girl, but that's okay. :) I had never even been to one before, but I really wanted to make sure there was one on island this year.

I ordered some gingerbread boy and girl themed decorations from Oriental Trading. They were super cute! I made some hot chocolate in the crock pot and some reindeer cake pops for dessert.

A couple of people volunteered to bring some hors d'oeurves and punch to help out, which was wonderful! It took a little bit of stress off and saved me a little bit of money! There were 10 of us that came and everyone brought such delicious cookies!

I made little recipe books with the recipes of the cookies people brought (at least those that people emailed me beforehand) for everyone to take home with them so they can make their favorites from the party.

It was really simple. I just printed them out with a cute little Christmas tree graphic in the corner, trimmed them down, punched a hole in the corner, and tied a ribbon to keep it together.

Oh, and of course I had some Christmas music playing in the background! :)

It was really SO much fun and I already know I want to do it again next year! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!


  1. I am so glad that the exchange was a success! All the cookies look delicious. And the recipe book that you made is so cute! What a good idea! And you already know that I think your cake pops are adorable! I want to host (or even be invited to!) a cookie exchange next year, but none of my friends are really into that kind of stuff. But then again, next year we'll be back in San Diego... maybe I will make some friends that like doing stuff like this! :-)

    Ok, I'm rambling, I totally need to go to bed!

    Merry Christmas Eve! :-)


    I'll post pictures of them :)

    Mine cracked, though :( After the chocolate began to harden, they'd get pretty big cracks in 'em. I see yours are crackless, though. Did you dunk cold cake pops into the melted chocolate? I think that might've had something to do with the crackiness...

    I think your cookie exchange sounds like it was WONDERFUL! I especially like the little recipe books you made. Great job!

  3. I love cookie exchanges! I tried making cake pops once, and they fell off the sticks... hmmmm, I don't think I made them correctly. I want to host my own cookie exchange party next year. I think it will be a blast to organize! I am a fellow SITS follower :-)