Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holly Bloggy Christmas Bash - Christmas Trees


It's day 2 of the Holly Bloggy Christmas Bash! Today is about Christmas trees! I can't wait to go over to A Baby Changes Everything to see everyone else's Christmas trees. But before I do that, I want to share with you what our tree looks like this year.

I don't necessarily have a favorite ornament, though there are great stories and memories behind almost all of them. We do have what I think is a wonderful tradition when it comes to our Christmas tree that I've carried over from my childhood, but I'm saving that to tell on Friday, when the Christmas Bash will be all about Christmas Memories and Traditions. ;)

We don't have a theme for our tree, but I'm planning on buying a plain wreath during the after Christmas sales this year (if the NEX has any more... if not I'll find something online) and we're going to hang some of our favorite ornaments on it next year to highlight them. I had made a wreath that I just loved when it was just hubby, our cat, and me. I had made two snow people and a snow cat and had them sitting in the wreath. When Baby Girl was born I tried to make a snow baby out of stuff we had available on island, but it didn't work too well. lol But that's okay. When we get back to the states I will gather a bunch of supplies and make a new one. Or maybe next time we visit I'll stop by a Michaels and see what I can get... I'm already looking forward to it! But anyway, I'm getting off the topic of Christmas trees. :) Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love your tree! It's so pretty.

  2. I love your tree too! Our tree doesn't really have a theme, either. Our theme is, uh... Christmas...? That's a neat idea with the wreath, too, to highlight your fav ornaments.

  3. Just another SITS chic stopping by. Super cute blog. Merry Christmas.